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TV/Movie Recs from the Peanut Gallery, Vol. 2

If you get a TV or movie rec from the Peanut Gallery, you know it's good.

The first set of recommendations from the Peanut Gallery

The first version of the Peanut Gallery's TV/movie recommendation series = full of bangers. Our proceeding release holds up its end of the bargain as well.

Check them out. Enjoy.


Steve's Recommendation: WWF 1992 Royal Rumble Match

The Peanut Gallery highly recommends The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon.

The end of January for any sports fans means the NFL playoffs and ultimately the Super Bowl. I think the end of January brings us something even greater, however: The Royal Rumble. The most exciting wrestling event of the year kicks off WrestleMania season with, honestly, the funnest match of the year. It’s unpredictable, accidents happen, and predetermined or not, the Royal Rumble match has everyone talking the next day.

If you have never seen one, or even if you have, then I am recommending the 1992 Royal Rumble match itself. 30 men competing for the vacant WWF (at the time) World Heavyweight title. Wrestling legends filled this match and it might just be the best play-by-play call ever, with the combo of Gorilla Monsoon calling it down the middle and Bobby "The Brain" Hernan cheering on Flair the whole way. Hernan was constantly worrying about Flair's elimination. Stating that, “it wasn’t fair to Flair” only enhanced this star-studded match. Even a Hogan fan like me couldn’t help but be excited as Ric Flair won the World Title with a tear in his eye.

Josh's Recommendation: Boy Swallows Universe

The Peanut Gallery highly recommends A Nearly Normal Family

This limited series adaptation of Trent Dalton’s novel of the same name connects on multiple fronts. Heartwarming, disturbing, tender, gut-wrenching, and sad are only a handful of applicable descriptors for the streaming giant’s best addition of the new year. Up-and-comer Felix Cameron is officially a name to look out for. Check it out on Netflix.

Matt's Recommendation: Project Blue Book

The Peanut Gallery highly recommends The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot

Project Blue Book on the History Channel. Stars Aiden Gillen as Doctor J. Allen Hynek and Michael Malarkey as an Air Force Captain who works alongside Hynek. This is a fictionalized retelling of some of the reports in the actual PBB. Mostly formulaic and similar in tone to The X Files, but solely focused on UFOs. Great acting, solid human drama, and good VFX work well to keep audiences entertained. Neil McDonough is also very good in this series. I'm more shocked it was cancelled after two banger seasons than I would be if a UFO landed on the White House lawn.

Sheehan's Recommendation: Taboo

The Peanut Gallery highly recommends Bad Words.

If you're a fan of Tom Hardy, especially when he plays his brooding, rough-around-the-edges characters, Taboo is the miniseries for you. Set in London in the early part of the 19th century when tensions between the U.S. and Great Britain were at, or close to, an all-time high, Hardy plays a man who has returned to his homeland after living in Africa in order to claim his inheritance upon the death of his father. This inheritance is of great interest to Great Britain, and more specifically, the East India Company, which at the time was the absolute last corporation you wanted to trifle with.

This is a stellar Peaky Blinders-style (same creator, Steven Knight) period piece full of plot twists and action, with tremendous acting from Hardy, Jessie Buckley, Oona Chaplin, Jonathan Pryce, and others. Stream all eight episodes on Peacock or Amazon Prime.

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