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The Peanut Gallery's NFL Playoffs Forecast

These NFL playoffs will be full of exciting matchups and storylines.

The NFL Playoffs will not be devoid of drama

Wild Card Round

Bills vs. Steelers

I think the Bills will win this game handily. Especially since the Steelers are without T.J. Watt. They are 1-5 without Watt since he was drafted. The loss of their heart and soul is going to be too much to overcome in freezing-cold Buffalo. Josh Allen will have a huge day and so will James Cook and Stefon Diggs. The Bills will move on to the Divisional Round. 

Chiefs vs. Dolphins

My heart says Dolphins, but it’s going to be freezing cold in KC. The temperature could be as low as minus 5 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a huge advantage for KC because they are practicing all week in the cold and the Dolphins have no way of replicating this environment during the week. Also, the Chiefs have a healthier defense and don’t need to rely on the pass as much as the Dolphins do. I think this game goes to the Chiefs. 

Texans vs. Browns 

Since Tank Dell went down the offense in Houston just has not looked the same. They have struggled late in the season a little bit and will struggle again against a very tough Browns defense. Joe Flacco has been lights out since getting added and I think that continues in this game against Houston. I have Cleveland picking up a big postseason win. 

Cowboy vs. Packers

I think this game will be much closer than expected. The Packers have been extremely hot as of late and Jordan Love has been the reason for that. I also do not and will not ever trust Dak until he does something in the postseason. He always does much worse in the playoffs than he does in the regular season. With that being said I think the Boys squeak away with a very close and uncomfortable win against Green Bay. 

Lions vs. Rams

I like the Lions in this game. Jared Goff in my my mind is a much better QB than Stafford at this point. Especially this year. The Rams are dangerous but the Lions are my pick for this game because of their offense. Something to watch for in this game is Sam LaPorta’s health. He got a little banged up in the last game of the season. Will he be limited at all this week? I don’t think so but he might be a little gimpy depending on how his ankle feels. 

Bucs vs. Eagles

The Eagles will win this game. I hope they win so SF can blow them out again the following week. Even with the disconnect in the organization, they are just flat-out a much better roster top to bottom. Baker Mayfield has been pretty solid down the stretch. The Eagles defense is terrible so Baker could exploit it. Don’t be surprised if Baker has a big game. It will be a hard-fought game. In the end, I think the Eagles will prevail and advance to the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs. 

Divisional Round

Ravens vs. Browns

This is going to be a fantastic football game. An AFC North rivalry game that will be closer than it should be. The Browns and Ravens both have top defenses and defensive front 7s. What this tells me is this game will be won in the trenches. Whoever can run the ball more effectively will win this game. I believe that will be Baltimore, but absolutely anything can happen in a division rivalry game. Baltimore has a very sophisticated run game that will benefit them greatly in a game like this. 

Chiefs vs. Bills

The Bills will take care of business against KC. KC has been playing very poorly lately on both sides of the ball and Buffalo can easily exploit this, especially with a solid defense and secondary against KC’s struggling passing attack. Buffalo will try to dominate the line of scrimmage early, opening up their playbook for later in the game. I have Buffalo trampling KC in this game. 

Niners vs. Eagles

The Niners will take care of business in SF. If the Niners handle them like they did earlier in the season, it could spark drastic change in Philadelphia. The Niners are too good on offense and defense and they should dominate this football game just like they did in Philadelphia. Brock Purdy will have another great game at QB and so will Fred Warner and the defense. This game will be all SF from the jump. The Eagles only have one path to victory. Get to Brock Purdy early and often. That’s the only way this is a close game

Lions vs. Cowboys

Here's hoping the Lions get another shot at the Cowboys in the NFL Playoffs

This matchup gets me going. Two even teams who had their in-season matchup end on horrible officiating. The Lions will come into this game hungry and pissed off. I think the Lions go to Dallas and pick up a big playoff win. I also think Goff will outplay Dak in all aspects of the game. The Cowboys are frauds every single year until they do something to prove they are not frauds, like going to a Super Bowl. For now, I will treat them as the frauds they are. 

Conference Championship Round

Bills vs. Ravens

I got the Bills pulling out a close game. I would absolutely not be shocked if the Ravens win. I just think Buffalo is playing great football right now. They are extremely dangerous and are playing good football on both sides of the ball. They are not as one-dimensional as they have been in the past and are using James Cook effectively.

I think Buffalo would be in absolute shambles this offseason if they don’t reach a Super Bowl and the entire organization knows it. Stefon Diggs at the very least will leave if they don’t go to the Super Bowl. The Ravens will need to play balanced on offense and really stick with the run against a good secondary in Buffalo. They can take advantage of Matt Milano being out. It will be a well-fought football game and will come down to the wire. 

Niners vs. Lions

Niners vs Lions will be a good game. I expect the Niners to win, but it will be closer than expected. The Lions have a dynamic offense and can give the Niners secondary some trouble with the deep threats they have. Amon-Ra and Williams will need to have big days. The Lions also have a solid run game with Gibbs and Montgomery. Ultimately, I expect San Francisco to win by a touchdown because they are too good on both sides of the ball. And the Lions defense will struggle to slow down San Francisco. Detroit does possess the ability to compete in a shootout, but I think the Niners' defense is far better than Detroit's. I have San Francisco going to the Super Bowl. 

Super Bowl

Niners vs. Bills

I think both of these teams have a fair amount of pressure on them to win a Super Bowl this year. With Purdy under his rookie deal still, the Niners have been able to have great skill positions. Aiyuk is a free agent after this season which would be a big hit if they can’t keep him. This is going to be one of San Francisco’s best rosters, and if they can’t pull it off, it will only get harder in the future. The Bills have pressure because of Stefon Diggs and the front office. After the last two seasons' postseason losses, Diggs has been very vocal about his frustrations. A loss could cause a huge shake-up in Buffalo.

The Niners have a great defense but do struggle a little bit with mobile quarterbacks. Josh Allen does fit that mold which could present problems for the San Francisco defense. However, San Francisco’s offense is too dynamic and has too many weapons for almost any defense to truly stop. The Bills have a solid defense but their weakness is the run. The Niners have an ultra-efficient rushing attack that opens up the field for Purdy. If they can get the run game going this will be a long night for Buffalo. I have San Francisco taking home the Lombardi. 

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