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The Peanut Gallery's Top Three Super Bowl Snacks

Everybody brings their A-game when it comes to Super Bowl snacks.

Here's the Peanut Gallery's top Super Bowl snacks

Let's not kid each other; watching the Super Bowl is a third about the game, a third about the commercials, and a third about the food. Unless you have betting action on the game or a team you really care about is playing, you're there to appreciate the culmination of the NFL season, watch for big celebrity commercial cameos, and stuff your fat face.

Let us now rank the best of the best when it comes to Super Bowl snacks.

Steve's Top 3 Super Bowl Snacks

1. Chili- Spicy, delicious, and adaptable. Chili will keep you warm and content as you use it for a dip, on pasta, or just straight up eating it out of a bowl. I like mine extra spicy and homemade, but I’ll never say no to a good chili.

2. Party Sub

3. Wings

Josh's Top 3 Super Bowl Snacks

1. Nachos- Shredded cheese, melted on top with salsa for dipping purposes. Nothing fancy, just an all-around banger that delivers every time.

2. ⁠Honey BBQ wings

3. ⁠Chex Mix

Teddy's Top 3 Super Bowl Snacks

Chicken wings are a popular pick for the Peanut Gallery's top Super Bowl snacks

1. Wings (Honey BBQ and Buffalo)- You can’t go wrong with wings. I get it people are nervous and a little self conscious about the mess that’s involved but the price is 100% worth it. There’s nothing like some good wings and football

2. Nachos

3. ⁠Subs

Sheehan's Top 3 Super Bowl Snacks

1. Burger Sliders

2. Meatballs- Underrated. Grab a toothpick and wield that sucker like it's Inigo Montoya's sword. If there's a saucy pot with a school of meatballs swimming around in there, I'm treating those babies like they killed my father.

3. ⁠Seven-Layer Dip

Presley's Top 3 Super Bowl Snacks

1. Wings

2. Chips and Salsa

3. ⁠Bacon/Cheese Fries- I've become a master of the air fryer fries. Cooked bacon with melted cheese. Good topped or dipped in ranch. Stuff legends are made of.

Matt's Top 3 Super Bowl Snacks

1. Buffalo Chicken Dip

2. Nachos Supreme

3. ⁠Doritos- I'm a simple man (or maybe it's the years of Super Bowl commercials?). I just love a good OG nacho cheese Dorito. 0 prep, 100% flavor. Plus, you can call an audible with this chip and dip it in other bowls. Super utility chip.

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