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Nutshell: Seth Beer's National Beer Day Bomb

Seth Beer is a marketing gem.

I used to work in the Miami Marlins front office, in the strategy and engagement division of the marketing department. I will say, it's sometimes difficult to market a team with constant turnover and a lack of consistent star power or overall direction, but that's beside the point. I would have liked, nay, loved a player like Seth Beer to work with. Because if Opening Day is any indication of how the slugging 1B/DH's career will go, this dude was made to do two things: hit dingers and sell shit.

National Beer Day Heroics

Seth Beer hit a walk-off home run last night...on National Beer Day. Imagine the promos you could run based off when this guy goes deep. 2-for-1 on select beers the inning after a Beer Bomb (trademark pending)? Half-off a flight of beers whenever Seth Beer...takes flight? You have to imagine every major brewing company is monitoring his career closely, waiting to pounce with a spokesperson deal. I have zero clue if he's funny or charismatic or good on camera at all, but goddamnit he better practice saying "Budweiser: King of Beers" in the mirror.

Seth Beer would still be a key part of the Diamondbacks' plans if his name was Seth Johnson. He's a first-round pick with a sweet lefty stroke and a career .901 OPS in the Minors. Throw that name of his into the mix, though, and you have another element for the non-baseball people in the organization to build off of.

If Seth Beer realizes his potential as a middle-of-the-order power hitter and fans at Chase Field aren't regularly getting smaaaacked as a result, well, you can chalk that up as a complete organizational failure.

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