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Champions is that feel good, make you go home happy type of movie. It follows the formula of its predecessors and doesn’t break any ground with its storytelling but the chemistry between Woody Harrelson (White Men Can’t Jump) and Kaitlin Olson (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) warms up like an electric blanket. The rest of cast looks to have had a lot of fun making this film, with its biggest lesson being: people are people regardless of where they’ve come from.

                                                                                                                                                  - Steve Titcomb
PG Score: 8.25/10

A Good Person

Emotionally moving, the Zach Braff (Garden State) written and directed film focuses on loss, regret, and addiction. Florence Pugh (Little Women) and Morgan Freeman (Bruce Almighty) are delightful in a very tragic way, working well together. A Good Person pulls on the heartstrings in this sad tale, while Braff continues to pick an excellent soundtrack to go along with his filmmaking.

 - Steve Titcomb

PG Score: 7/10



While 65 fails to make the most of its unique premise, it still offers up plenty of dino-rific thrills. Armed with A Quiet Place writers Bryan Woods and Scott Beck at the helm, Adam Driver blasts his way through the Cretaceous Period with proper gusto. Pacing and unrealized potential aside, the two-time Oscar nominee exhibits notable chemistry with co-star Ariana Greenblatt in a sci-fi action flick designed for the big screen.

 - Joshua Aboody

PG Score: 6.75/10


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