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A back-to-basics Predator movie that simplifies storytelling by taking us back to the early-18th century and pitting a creature that hunts for sport vs a people that hunt to survive. Amber Midthunder as Naru shines bright as the star of the movie; a young Comanche woman who wants to break the mold and be a hunter for her people. Her journey to prove herself brings her across man and beast alike, but it is her showdown with the Predator that truly stands out. Grittiness, violence, and a well-told story by director Dan Trachtenberg make Prey standout as one of the best Predator films to date.- Steve Titcomb

PG Score: 8/10

Thirteen Lives


A moving disaster film based on a true story. An absolutely harrowing depiction of a cave rescue that is equal parts emotional and exhilarating. Filled with pulse-pounding scenes of underwater peril and affecting performances from a stacked cast, Ron Howard's latest project is a winner.- Joshua Aboody

PG Score: 8/10

Westworld, S4: E7, "Metanoia"


Well into season 4, HBO’s Westworld is still going strong, and episode 7 Metanoia is no different. More questions than answers, the show always starts with you thinking you know where things are going before the writers throw you for a loop and leave you wondering what is next. This episode has some long waiting reunions, but the standout moment is the battle between Tessa Thompson’s Hale and Thandie Newton’s Maeve. A brief but brutal fight between two of the stars of the show leaves you having no idea where the show goes next. Just beware the Man in Black.- Steve Titcomb

PG Score: 8.5/10