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Top 5 Moments to Look Forward to in House of the Dragon

As per George R.R. Martin's novels, these are 5 significant moments to watch for in House of the Dragon.

Coming August 21st, House of the Dragon returns us to the world of Planetos, specifically Westeros during the pinnacle of House Targaryen's power.


Game of Thrones was a global phenomenon that introduced us to this medieval world of Lords, Knights, Dragons, and Magic. Critically acclaimed, critically exclaimed, and, especially the last two seasons, critically complained. Yours truly loved the show. After binging the first season on blu-ray over a weekend, I went out and bought all five books and devoured them. I developed a whole new passion, obsession even, for this world created by George R.R. Martin that was brought to life by HBO. So, my excitement for House of the Dragon returning us to this world has me eagerly awaiting what HBO and HBO Max bring us next.

Annual vacations dedicated to rewatching the show in its entirety only to finish it off with the newest season to come out on blu-ray should make it pretty clear that GRRM has created a fantastic world with a whole history that sucks you in. Here are five moments in House of the Dragon that I'm hoping and looking forward to happening in the upcoming show. It may take a few seasons to get to some of it, but I do warn you, spoilers may lie ahead.

5. Hours of the Wolf

Most viewers fell in love with House Stark watching Game of Thrones. Depending on the pacing of the show and how many seasons we get of House of the Dragon, we will see the Starks make a definitive impact on the whole of Westeros and the war that will be known as "The Dance of the Dragons".

4. The Great Council

The event that shapes what is to come in Westeros. Jahaerys the Conciliator holds a council to help decide his new heir. Having lived a long life and outlasting his most direct heir, the major Lords of Westeros will come together and help choose the Targaryen to lead after him. Decisions and reasons used here will lead to what becomes "The Dance of the Dragons" a generation later.

3. Dragon Feed

There are going to be a lot more dragons in the House of the Dragon than we have ever seen before. The peak of Targaryen power in Westoros. The Targaryen Civil War is going to get personal and someone will be fed to a dragon by the end of it.

2. Fires in the Sky

Targaryens are going to battle in the skies. This is going to be warfare in Westeros like we have never seen before. Forget Jon and Danaerys battling the Night King over Winterfell during "The Long Night". This is going to be complete savagery in open and clear skies and we are going to see the beginning of the dwindling of House Targaryen by the end of this war.

1. Blood and Cheese

Neither side in the conflict can be considered purely good or purely evil. Both sides will have their heroes and their villains. Two men will stand out and force a Queen, a mother at that, to make a decision that no parent should ever have to make. These two men will be known in history as Blood and Cheese for the jobs they held.


George R.R. Martin's involvement in House of the Dragon, though it might upset some book fans, is good news for HBO and its viewers. Returning to write and direct some of the episodes is Miguel Sapochnik, who directed some of the best episodes of Game of Thrones ("Hardhome" and "Battle of the Bastards"). Everything about this show looks promising and we the viewer should be in for one hell of a ride.

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