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Nutshell: A Boston Sports Fan's Christmas List

Here's to health and success for Boston sports this Christmas

1. Rafael Devers Stays

Do anything and everything to keep Devers in Boston. They messed it up with Mookie Betts and Xander Bogaerts. They can’t do it again with Devers.

2. Robert Williams Clean Bill of Health

I wish for the TimeLord to stay healthy for the remainder of the season. The C’s have been kicking ass without him (minus last week), but the rim protection and attack will be a welcome addition. Big Lobs 4 Big Rob.

3. Patriots Success

Praying for the Patriots to make the playoffs - unlikely after that Vegas game, although still possible. They have a tough road ahead and need some help elsewhere, but it would be a treat to see them back in the playoffs.

4. Soccer Love

A better season and more love for the NE Revs (New England Revolution, to the lay person). I caught the soccer bug this past month during the World Cup and will follow the Revs and MLS as a whole more closely.

5. Bruins Stay Hot

The Bruins should keep doing whatever they’re doing. I believe in equality and felt it was necessary to include the B’s here. They’re the best team in the NHL and I haven’t watched a minute - maybe I should continue looking away, as it’s clearly working. Somewhatstitious?

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