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Nutshell Review: Warrior Nun, Season 1

PG Score: 6.25/10

Season 1 of “Warrior Nun” is a decent Netflix binge. It’s based on the comic book by Ben Dunn but it’s worth noting that there are some big differences between the two. The show focuses on Ava, an orphaned teenager who awakens in a morgue to discover she now has superhuman abilities.

There is a lot of cheesy writing and plenty of eye-roll inducing teen drama throughout the 10 episodes. This can be funny occasionally (whether that’s intentional or not is a different story) but there’s really not a whole lot of substance to the interactions between characters.

The characters themselves are a mixed bag. Ava is portrayed by Alba Baptista who does a good enough job with the lines she’s given to work with. Her character is selfish and awkward early on (and for good reason on both accounts, mind you) but changes her ways over the course of the show through relatively effective character development.

The same cannot be said for the supporting characters, who mostly come in the form of her Warrior Nun sisters. The majority of them are awfully bland and, frankly, annoying. Their arcs are frustratingly cliché and they don’t add much substance to a series already lacking in that department. Still, the banter between Ava and her fellow fighters of evil produces a chuckle here and there so it’s not all bad.

The action is surprisingly solid but too infrequent. Ava and her crew face off against demonic entities and human bad guys using a variety of firearms and melee weapons along with more traditional hand-to-hand combat. The choreography is the highlight of the series and elevates some already impressive action sequences. It’s a shame there’s not more.

Warrior Nun season 1 is hit and miss but lands on the positive side of things in most respects. It would’ve been better if the focus was on the action rather than the teen drama but hopefully they’ll make some adjustments for season 2, as the show has officially been renewed by Netflix. The first is still worth a watch.

PG Score: 6.25/10

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