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The Peanut Gallery's Top 5 James Bond Candidates

Call a Bondulance. We're looking at five actors to play the next James Bond.

Since 1962 there have been 25 Bond movies played by six different actors, seven if you count David Niven, whose one Bond film wasn't produced by EON. We're not going to discuss who's the best because it's Pierce Brosnan. He was absolutely the best because I was obsessed with Nintendo64's GoldenEye and based my entire view of Bond off that one game. I'm kidding...

Fun fact: I've never lost in GoldenEye. Ever. I'm not kidding...I'm lying...

Producer Barbara Broccoli has plans for a new Bond and slate of movies, but everything is being kept under wraps. Now that Daniel Craig no longer has a License to Kill, we were wondering who might be the next James Bond.

There are, of course, a few requisites to playing Bond. British, handsome, physically fit, globally recognized, looks great in a tux, and as the kids say today, "smooth AF." Let's take a look - these are in no particular order.

1. Pierce Brosnan again but somehow de-aged with N64 graphics. End of article.

Okay, for real.

1. Tom Hardy

The fan-favorite. Masculine, brooding, and has played a tough guy on-screen many times. He's also worked with Christopher Nolan, who is rumored to be involved with Bond 26. The big negative is his age. 44. Bond movies aren't turned out very quickly, usually a few years between films. Craig's movies were spread out over a 15 year span - if anything similar to that were to happen with the next installments, Hardy would be pushing 60.

2. Henry Cavill

He's got starpower, he's been in several big movies, and he's riding off of the positive reviews of The Witcher. He might be a good pick. Cavill is in his late 30s, so he doesn't look too young or too old for the role. I'd say the biggest hit on him is he's too dang buff to play James Bond. He'd have to drop a little weight. Bond has always had a slender/fit look and I think it should remain that way. Sorry if I body shamed?

3. Rege-Jean Page

Ladies dig the Bridgerton actor and that is good for box office numbers! He looks like how I dream of looking in a tux, plus he has the charm. Also, my man Pierce has endorsed him. That is big points. He's also the youngest on the list (33) so it could be a good long-term investment. I think there is strong potential for Page here.

4. Henry Golding

Now, this could be considered my Sleeper Pick. He checks all the boxes except he might not be quite as well-known as these other actors. He's played the handsome and smooth guy in Crazy Rich Asians and he's also played an action role in Snake Eyes. Mash those two characters together and add in a few Bond-esque quips and you have it. Golding is also very young, only a year older than Page, so this could also be a good investment for Broccoli and Co.

5. Sam Heughan

Known for his work in Outlander, Heughan sort of resembles Daniel Craig in appearance. He also has the acting and combat chops to fill the Bond shoes. His experience in SAS: Red Notice could translate well at MI6. Combat and charisma! Aged 41, he is entering the territory of Hardy where he might be getting too old for a long commitment. He might not also have that global recognition producers will be looking for.

Honorable Mention... Robert Pattinson

He's a good actor; the poor guy's Vampire or Werewolf (I'm not looking it up!) character from Twilight has never left the masses' consciousness. He's been in some great films and he will definitely get points for his portrayal in the new Batman film, which looks gritty as hell. Plus the Tenet/Nolan/Bond 26/connection/rumor thing might play a role, eh?


Each of these actors would be worthy successors to Craig. It'll be interesting to see who obtains the coveted role. Hopefully we find out soon because I love Bond movies and I want to see more of them! Who doesn't?

Comment below on who you think will be the next Bond or how you wish you could beat me in GoldenEye. You can't, idiot.

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