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The Peanut Gallery Reviews The Lighthouse

PG Score: 7.75/10

The Lighthouse was really good. It was absolutely off the wall, which is a good thing for the most part. It’s really quite bonkers and that craziness is only enhanced by the performances of Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson, who were both spectacular in their own way. They were equally disturbing and mesmerizing. You could tell that they both really bought into their roles and went off the deep end in order to fully embrace the madness of their characters. I was skeptical of this one due to Robbert Eggers’ last film, The Witch, which I did not like at all. I’m glad this one didn’t follow suit.

It’s slower paced, but it’s a slow burn that pays dividends as a more deliberate trudge deeper and deeper into depravity. It also nails that surreal, almost hallucinogenic vibe. The entire film really benefits from being in black and white. I was apprehensive about this beforehand, but those doubts were eliminated within the first few shots, as the imagery is so much more haunting and captivating with the black and white. This is such an atmospheric piece of art that this decision worked in the tone’s favor.

My only real complaint is that it was a bit too slow at times. Some shots were longer than they needed to be, and it would’ve been better off with some additional editing. Overall, The Lighthouse is a very good movie and I do recommend it in all its weird, irreverent glory.

PG Score: 7.75/10

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