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The Peanut Gallery Reviews The Creator

PG Score: 7.25/10

The Creator is worth seeing in theaters.

The Creator was released in theaters on 9/29/23

Despite the strike and lack of promotion, The Creator had a lot of hype and hope for its release. A sci-fi film, it tackles the question of AI and a future where humanity hunts them down. Not the first, and definitely not the last film about humanity and a battle against machines/AI, though it is the first in my memory where the typical roles are reversed. In both The Matrix and Terminator, humans are at a major disadvantage and are the ones being hunted, but not here.

I really wanted to love this film. Everything about it appeals to the movie fan in me. Gareth Edwards (Rogue One) arguably gave us the best Star Wars film out of the Disney era. John David Washington (Tenet) has been phenomenal in everything he has done and I was on board with him leading this type of film. Did I end up loving it? Let’s find out.


Visually, the effects and locations of this film were stunning. This is a movie to see on the big screen. Never once did I doubt that everything I saw was real, even when I knew that it was physically impossible.

John David Washington and Madeleine Yuna Voyles are great together in The Creator.

The acting is top notch. Washington and Madeleine Yuna Voyles, who was making her debut as Alphie, clicked very well. The rapport between the two elevated the weakest part of the film: the story.

Story Issues

A biblical tale crossed with Darwinism, the story, along with being predictable, drags throughout the film. It felt like, despite the 134-minute run time, there wasn’t enough time dedicated to developing the supporting cast. The story stayed fairly isolated and other than the opening prologue it felt like more time should have been dedicated to explaining this world. The motivation for the USA and the west waging war is clear, but the story doesn’t spend enough time explaining the AI and their human allies. Any sympathy other than to Joshua (Washington) and Alphie (Voyles) is missed out on by the filmmakers. Later in the film, emotionally charged moments don’t feel as impactful as a result.

The Creator: Still Worth Seeing

The Creator isn’t changing the game and is definitely not the best sci-fi film in years. The film did quite a few things right, but its flaws prevent it from being larger than life. It’s a good attempt and a great concept. I still think it’s worth taking the time to go and see. The Creator can be and mean different things to different people. Maybe you’ll walk away taking something from it that I did not. Visually this film is a juggernaut and worth seeing on that alone.

PG Score: 7.25/10

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