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Peanut Gallery Productions Presents "Joc & Tommy"

At long last, the Joc Pederson-Tommy Pham saga hits the big screen.

If you haven't been tuned in with any sports news over the past few weeks, you've missed out on one of the seminal sports stories of our time. I'm referring, of course, to the Joc Pederson-Tommy Pham fantasy football feud, of which Mike Trout, Manny Machado, Eric Hosmer, Jeff Wilson Jr., and other pro athletes are also a part of.

This has the makings of a film.

Below are a few tidbits of what that film might look like, a story that surrounds the four main players in this true-life fantasy sports drama that requires no embellishment.



MLB outfielder Joc Pederson's unforgiveable transgressions in a high-stakes fantasy football league and group chat draw the ire of the notorious Tommy "Big Dog" Pham.



Zac Efron as Joc Pederson

Omari Hardwick as Tommy Pham

Glen Powell as Mike Trout

Stephan James as Jeff Wilson Jr.



It's the fall of 2021. Joc Pederson, fresh off a World Series title with the Atlanta Braves, now focuses his attention towards one thing and one thing only: his $10,000 fantasy football team.

Joc makes a seemingly minor roster decision that will soon impact the lives of multiple star athletes, including the best baseball player of this generation and the commissioner of the fantasy league, Mike Trout. Joc stashes injured San Francisco 49er running back Jeff Wilson Jr. in his IR spot, thus opening up space for him to pick up another player. Is he hoarding running backs? Is he playing fair? To make matter worse, Joc is now openly mocking the San Diego Padres' epic late season collapse in the league's group chat, which features Padres players like Manny Machado and Eric Hosmer.

All the while, outfielder Tommy Pham's anger is brewing.

Fast forward to the spring of 2022, and Tommy is at his wit's end with Joc's antics. Things have come to a head. No one is going to mess with his money. No one is going to mess with his team, both in fantasy and reality. The time has finally come for him to exact vengeance. He's coming for Joc. He's coming for Trout too.

Will Joc Pederson's season be derailed? Will Mike Trout be impeached as commissioner?

Will Jeff Wilson Jr. pick a side?

Will the fantasy league ever recover?

The defining sport story of the 2020s will soon be coming to a theater near you.


NOTE: none of this is a real movie pitch or production, obviously.

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