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Nutshell: Succession is a More-Serious Arrested Development

"I've made a huge mistake, Kendall."

Succession and Arrested Development are basically the same show, except AD is sillier. They are both the story of a dysfunctional family built by a successful businessman. The businessman's kids (three boys and a girl) are constantly bickering with one another. Some of them are trying to take over after their father runs into some legal trouble. Both shows are hilarious, although Succession obviously goes much deeper.

Check out these character comparisons. Then admit to me I'm right.

Logan Roy-George Bluth Sr.

Great businessmen. Ruthless. Willing to bend or break the rules. Terrible fathers and husbands.

Kendall Roy-Michael Bluth

The pseudo-main characters of each of their shows, the self-appointed heirs to the throne, and the ones with the most embattled relationship with the head honcho: AKA dad.

Roman Roy-Gob Bluth

The douchiest of the boss's kids. They both love to bully their reserved brother, in Roman's case Kendall and in Gob's case Michael. They both suck up to daddy more than any of their siblings. They're also pretty weird when it comes to sex, and I can totally picture Roman zipping around in a Segway with his name on it, barking orders at people.

Shiv Roy-Lindsay Bluth-Fünke

Entitled brats who push around their beta male spouses. The boss's only daughter. In general, people don't like being around them. Shiv and Lindsay.

Connor Roy-Buster Bluth

The "other one." Connor and Buster are at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to Logan and George's kids, respectively. They mostly stay upbeat somehow, even though they're everyone's punching bag.

Tom Wambsgans-Tobias Fünke

Poor Tom (underrated Led Zeppelin song). Poor Tobias. They're married to women who don't really love them for one reason or another. They're also hilarious as they clumsily navigate every insult and slight thrown at them.

Caroline Collingwood-Lucille Bluth

Two horrific mothers. The source of much of their children's insecurities and flaws. Caroline is not in Succession as much as Lucille is in Arrested Development, but she makes her presence felt with every dagger that comes shooting out of her mouth and into her children's hearts.

Ewan Roy-Oscar Bluth

The estranged brothers of the ruthless patriarch who claim to be far more altruistic and just than their siblings.

Greg Hirsch-George Michael Bluth

These two aren't in the exact same spot on the family tree. However, they play the same role as the awkward kid who can't talk to girls and constantly receives terrible life advice from his family members.


*Ron Howard voice over*

"In fact, Sheehan was right about his Succession and Arrested Development comparison. There are many parallels between the two shows, a fact he goofily smiled at as he pressed Publish on his laptop."

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