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Nutshell: You Might As Well Be Kind To Logan (Succession, S3:E9)

If you can't beat 'em (Logan Roy), join 'em.


The Season 3 finale of HBO's Succession aired this past Sunday. It did not disappoint. Although the roads the Roy children travelled upon were fresh and different, they all arrived at a familiar destination; Logan wins and they lose.

With everything the patriarchal Roy has put his children and underlings through so far, isn't it time they just give in and be nice to daddy?

Some People Get It

Tom has become Logan's biggest ally. He was willing to go to prison for him, and were it not for the heads-up he gave about the plan to block the sale of the company, the Roy children may have successfully outdone their father for, like, the first time ever. Tom respects the fact that, although Logan is old and hot-headed and sometimes acts rashly, he's built an empire. His business sense is unparalleled. His foresight is unmatched. And he's ruthless. As Tom once said to Kendall, "My hunch is that you’re going to get fucked. Because I’ve seen you get fucked a lot. And I’ve never seen Logan get fucked once."

Kendall and Shiv see Logan as a has-been. A doddering old man whose mind is stuck in the past. No matter how many times he outmaneuvers them, they still don't respect the geezer. Roman used to be like Tom, in that he acknowledged the unteachable instincts Logan possesses. He finally turns to the Dark (?) Side at the end of "All the Bells Say", teaming up with Kendall and Shiv to try to block Logan's sale of the company, which would essentially leave them high and dry. How'd that work out? Like it always does. Logan wins. Everyone else loses. Everyone else can fuck off.

You know who else treated Logan with the respect he deserves? Lukas Matsson. Although he spoke ill of the media tycoon during Kendall's birthday party, his tone upon meeting him in person was much different. He treated him with reverence, even though they were discussing an uncomfortable topic. And what was the result of this convo? A deal to buy Waystar Royco, just like Matsson, and eventually Logan, wanted. There's a zero percent chance this happens if Matsson tries to bully or patronize Logan during this meeting.

Lukas Matsson and Tom Wambsgans. Two guys who respect the GOAT, thus avoiding the iron fist. Logan, Shiv, and Roman Roy. Three fools who think they can beat the man who invented the game.

No Guarantees

Make no mistake. Even if you grovel at Logan's feet and blindly do his bidding, he still might fuck you if it advances his position. However, you greatly improve your chances at getting ahead if you play on his team. David and Goliath is a myth after all. Most of the time, Goliath will win.

"Do you want to make a deal with the devil?" Tom asks Greg soon before Kendall, Shiv, and Roman's plan is foiled. In a God-less world like the one we see in Succession, this might be their best option.

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