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Nutshell Review: Bloody Hell

PG Score: 8/10

Bloody Hell is available for streaming on Amazon Prime

Bloody Hell is a dark comedy-horror that is sure to give viewers a fun experience.



Ben O’Toole stars as the charismatic and lovable Rex, who is controversially sentenced to prison after thwarting a bank robbery that led to a woman’s death. Upon his release, he decides to take a trip to Finland for a new adventure…or maybe to escape the unwanted tabloid celebrity status he has garnered. Shortly after landing in Helsinki, he is captured by a freaky family and strung up in a creepy basement. To escape, he has to use his intelligence and past military training. Rex also must utilize his conscience, which is manifested as a suave, cool version of himself equipped with a leather jacket and an arsenal of clever one-liners.


O’Toole’s dialogue with himself is one of the highlights of the film and brings lots of laughs. Newcomer Meg Fraser delivers a comical performance as the benevolent Alia, who aids Rex in his breakout attempt. The two actors have wonderful on-screen chemistry that only gets stronger as the film progresses.


Bloody Hell is directed by Alister Grierson, who has done a masterful job of blending genres and taking his audience on an unforgettable ride. The movie’s 93-minute runtime moves along at a brisk pace, and contains some great shots and awesome editing that make would-be dull moments exciting. Moments of horror are intercut with romantic fantasies while moments of happiness are spliced with carnage. After flashbacks and buildup, we are treated to a climactic ending that packs quite the punch.

Effective Genre Blending

With great acting and the perfect amount of weird, Bloody Hell is an amusing flick that you’ll feel might “Finnish” too soon.

PG Score: 8/10

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