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Nutshell: A Brooklyn Nets and NBA Superstar Rant

The Brooklyn Nets imploded and NBA players have developed too much power.

This is somewhat venting...I wanted to write about Brooklyn but honestly, I don't know exactly what I want to write about here. One thing is for sure, I feel bad for the Nets front office and their fanbase.

Brooklyn Debacle

Brooklyn got three stars and built a legitimate contender, only for the three crybabies to get their way and leave. It's a shame this happens so often now. Most teams are never able to sustain a "Big 3" longer than a year or two.

First James Harden left; if I had to guess it was because the offense was not catered to him and he was no longer the centerpiece. He's stated other reasons, but I call BS.

KD, as immensely talented as he is, is a frontrunner. Convince me otherwise. Dude might play for the Chiefs next season after their Super Bowl victory.

Pretty much every article out there is about management dropping the ball and the team imploding. Blah blah blah this trickles down to the foundation blah blah. NO. Brooklyn's front office did their job. They brought three superstars together and the three superstars produced too little too late. As far as I'm concerned, that falls squarely on the players. How is there hardly any criticism or accountability for the players not winning?

Too Much Power?

The issue (and maybe I am wrong) is superstar empowerment. It has reached a new level and has to stop. The stars can openly request trades and force their way out of whatever city if they're unhappy. Nothing in their contracts can stop them. Front offices cannot account for this type of instability and are basically powerless when it comes to players leaving to other teams. It's a little aggravating, right? This needs to be addressed by the League once intense CBA negotiations come around after the 23-24 season. If it is not addressed then, these superstars will continue to torpedo their teams and destroy the next organization they join.

I always laugh when I see "so and so wants out of wherever." I imagine a scenario where some regular ass employee at a company posts on Twitter that "management is a disaster here at Wal-Mart Corporate, I want to take my Excel spreadsheet skills to Amazon Corporate."

NBA, please fix it. Just play basketball. Ok, I'm done venting.

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