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Nutshell: Zion Williamson Has Plenty of Time...Right?

It seems Zion Williamson needs to make a few changes, to put it mildly.

Zion Williamson has not played a minute this season due to a foot injury, but he's made his way into the headlines recently. The New Orleans forward was reportedly late to welcome the Pelicans' big trade deadline acquisition in C.J. McCollum, something you don't want out of your franchise cornerstone, injured or not. This opened the door for more criticism, as J.J. Redick, a former teammate, threw some gasoline on the fire by commenting on Zion's "detached teammate" qualities.

Been a bad week for Zion Williamson. Been an even worse year. Questions about his character are flying left and right. He's got a bum foot. Who knows what kind of shape he's in or if he'll play at all this season. Zion gave us a taste of what he was capable of in his first full season last year (utter domination night-in and night-out). Now? His career seems to have veered off course.

But he's got time on his side.

In His Hands

It's nearly impossible to gauge Zion's potential; he has no true NBA comps. No one has ever simultaneously had the size, athleticism, and skills he has. But injuries, specifically to the feet, are disastrous for NBA big men. Zion likely can't be playing at around 300 pounds if he wants to last.

That's not to say he needs to go on a drastic weight-loss regimen, but his college weight of between 270 and 280 would be better for his health. Maybe even get into the 260s. You can still maul people down low at that size.

At 21, he has loads of time to become the best version of himself, but he certainly doesn't have forever. His work ethic and attitude need a significant adjustment. Maybe an established vet like C.J. McCollum will be able to steer him in the right direction when it comes to being a pro? Maybe he's just not about New Orleans and forces his way onto a new team with a better setting for him? This could be a future MVP. Potentially a future multiple-time MVP. It would be a tremendous shame if he becomes a "what-if" in a few years.

The dude is from another dimension.

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