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Golden State Warriors Potential Trade Targets

Golden State can't sit back this season. Trades need to be made.

Golden State needs help, and that help should come via trades.

The Golden State Warriors have been inconsistent, to say the least, this season. Only a few bright spots. One of them is Steph Curry, who is always going to be a bright spot. Klay Thompson has been downright terrible. Andrew Wiggins has been even worse and the Warriors, who used to be the best 3-point shooting team in NBA history, now are at the bottom of the league in 3-point percentage and 3-point percentage allowed. Two things you do not want to be last in the NBA at.

They need to be aggressive at the deadline and get Steph actual help. If that means parting ways with Kuminga, Wiggins, CP3, or Moses Moody, so be it. Kuminga is such an amazing talent who will flourish anywhere else when given the leeway to just play basketball and rack up 25+ minutes a night, as he should. To save the season they need to make at least one big trade and possibly more to maximize Steph's prime. Yes…look at the numbers. Steph is still in his prime. 

Trade Idea No. 1: Warriors send Andrew Wiggins, Jonathan Kuminga, Chris Paul, Moses Moody and next year's 1st round pick to Raptors for OG Anunoby, Pascal Siakam, and Otto Porter Jr.

This will give the Warriors size, shooting, and most importantly, defense. Toronto has stated they want to build around Scottie Barnes. Wiggins and CP3 will help greatly with his development and Kuminga will be given a real opportunity to play basketball, which is what he deserves. 

Trade Idea No. 2: Warriors send Andrew Wiggins and Jonathan Kuminga to Bulls for DeMar DeRozan

Can DeMar DeRozan provide the help Golden State needs?

What this will do is force Steve Kerr out of his terrible motion offense in order to get DeMar isolated mid-range jumpers, and it will also take a lot of scoring pressure off Steph. And it would open up the entire floor because of DeRozan's lethal mid-range game. He also is a solid defender and has a very high basketball IQ. They could maybe try throwing in CP3 and some draft picks to get Caruso and Vucevic, who would be fantastic fits in Golden State. The biggest problem with that is Chicago doesn't want to trade Caruso. They have stated they would like to keep him. This might require Golden State to include Moody as well.

Trade Idea No. 3: Warriors send Andrew Wiggins, Jonathan Kuminga, Chris Paul and Moses Moody plus two 2nd round picks to Pelicans for Brandon Ingram, Jonas Valanciunas, and Larry Nance Jr. 

This is a great trade for Golden State. They might have to include Moody in this deal but they should try to find a package that does not include Moody, first and foremost. To get it done they will also need to put together a nice package of picks for New Orleans. If they can pull this off Brandon Ingram would be an amazing fit to relieve stress from Steph, and Jonas can spread the floor with his 3-point shooting. He is also a legit 7-footer, which the Warriors do not have and desperately need. 

Tough Problems, Tough Solutions

The three stars in Golden State can't carry the load themselves anymore.

The problem Golden State is running into is that they have paid players who have done a lot for them in the past very well. Now these players are not performing up to what they are paid. Golden State has a lot of bad contracts. Wiggins's contract is horrible and not many teams will want to take that on unless you are giving them a young exciting player like Kuminga or Moody. CP3’s contract is bad but not horrible. He has been playing really well for being 38 and has made some tough shots. Plus, he will always be able to dish out the rock. He is also a great veteran presence who can mentor a young point guard if need be.

If the Warriors want to make a big splash in free agency and get Steph help, they will be forced to use a lot of their draft capital to get any of these players. The other problem is the package they have to offer probably includes either CP3 or Wiggins because of the money they're getting paid. No one's gonna want to take on Klay right now, so he will stay. Kuminga is the big trade piece that teams like Toronto have stated they want.

I hope Moody stays a Warrior; he is playing great basketball. But if he needs to be involved in one of these trades, the Warriors should trade him to get a deal done. Even if that requires trading him and Kuminga. A deal must occur. If no change happens by the deadline, this team will not be contenders in the near future.

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