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The Peanut Gallery Reviews Jojo Rabbit

PG Score: 8/10

Jojo Rabbit was one of the best satires I’ve seen in quite some time. It boasts razor-sharp writing that had me laughing nearly the entire movie. This may seem surprising since it is set in Germany at the end of World War II...and it is. This is a tribute to Taika Waititi’s talent as a filmmaker. It takes someone truly special to transform a backdrop as heavy as this into something genuinely funny. Waititi also stars in the film as Adolf Hitler. This goofy rendition is yet another thing in a long list of items that shouldn’t work in Jojo, but does. He is backed by a cast of formidable talent. Newcomer Roman Griffin Davis nails the role of the titular character. He is funny, endearing, and convincing as a young boy who is desperate to join the ranks of the Nazi regime. Scarlett Johansson plays his mother and shows some range here as her character is quite humorous, in contrast to her usual more serious roles. Sam Rockwell was the highlight for me supporting cast-wise. Everything from his accent to his line delivery was top-notch. The few serious moments that do occur are handled beautifully and the transition from comedy to drama is seamless. The film manages to capture the tragedy of the time period while never losing its footing as a comedy above all else. There are a few pacing issues towards the end. It kind of sputters around a bit before the credits roll and I felt as though it should’ve been a bit shorter to fully grasp the genius it exudes. While a shorter runtime would’ve benefited Jojo Rabbit, it’s by no means a heavy black mark. Jojo Rabbit is funny, clever, and above all, an important piece of satire that I recommend everyone devote their time to.

PG Score: 8/10

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