• Josh Aboody

Nutshell Review: The Last of Us, Part II

PG Score: 9/10

Just beat The Last of Us, Part II on hardest difficulty! Amazing game. Stellar story, brutal and realistically violent/desperate combat, and phenomenal and nuanced characters (both new and old). Fair warning: it definitely contains the most realistically graphic violence I’ve ever seen in a game.

My one complaint with The Last of Us, Part II was that it feels a bit too long in the sense that there were a few spots of slight dragging/semi-excessive repetition. I understand the need to break up the action but some of the downtime in between the set pieces grew stale after awhile. Other than that, this one is a certified masterpiece and a worthy successor to the original, which houses the best story in a video game as far as I'm concerned.

PG Score: 9/10

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