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Nutshell Review: Honest Thief

PG Score: 3.75/10

Honest Thief is now in theaters

Honest Thief has one of the most ridiculous premises in cinematic history. It centers on a notorious bank robber (Liam Neeson) who falls in love with a woman (Kate Walsh) and suddenly decides to turn himself in so he can lead an honest life with her. This shockingly foolish plan is disrupted when he is betrayed by two corrupt FBI agents.

I’m a big fan of most Liam Neeson action romps. They may be cheesy but they’re usually pretty fun and have some degree of logic involved. That could not be further from the truth here. You would be hard-pressed to find one plot point that makes sense in Honest Thief. Suspending disbelief is one thing, but this mind-boggling mockery of a movie stoops to new lows. It’s as if Director Mark Williams, who also co-wrote the film, made the conscious decision to have each character speak and act in the most ludicrous fashion possible at every juncture. It’s actually impressive in a deranged sort of way.

Regardless of the utterly implausible plot, this is just a bad movie all around. Horrendous writing, one-dimensional and mindless characters, painful acting, and subpar action sequences all pile on to make Honest Thief a special type of inferior. If you were to say a cast of Liam Neeson, Kate Walsh, Robert Patrick, Anthony Ramos, Jai Courtney, and Jeffrey Donovan had to include at least one decent performance, you’d be wrong. The acting ranges from substandard to dreadful, but it’s not like anyone had much to work with. The dialogue is terrible and the lifeless exchanges between the bland characters are either boring or idiotic (or both).

The only redeeming quality is the unintentional laughs the pathetic script provides. However, that lone factor is certainly not worth the price of admission. I can honestly say this flick robbed me of my time.

PG Score: 3.75/10

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